“Your Faith Can Move…” by TD Jakes. Your FAITH moves God, rebukes the devil, rebukes diseases, gives you courage, accesses the promises! TD Jakes preaches to inspire you with the word of God, so that you can be what God said. Post Views: 563

Six Principles to Obtaining Strong Faith by Frederick K C Price. It can help you renew your mind. Post Views: 531

Hearing God’s Voice by Robert Morris You can hear His voice. Post Views: 534

Refuse to surrender by Pastor Chris Oyakhihilome. Listen to this message, and learn how to say no to troubles of life. Post Views: 619

In this video, TD jakes speaks on the issues, challenges and Trial faced by Paul the Apostle Post Views: 536

God bless you all, Pastor Chris has been a tremendous blessing to my life and ministry and that is why i felt compelled in my spirit to share the above… Post Views: 1,087

2017 Southwest Believers’ Convention: It’s What’s on the Inside that Changes the Outside (7:00 p.m.) By Kenneth Copeland Post Views: 672