Q1. I have a Facebook video in my wall, how do I download it into my smartphone (Smartp) or PC?
Click our Facebook “Like us” button to add us in your Facebook account, post the video to our wall, and we will give you the download link.

Q2. The downloaded video is not playing in my Smartp or PC, what should I do?
Check the type of video file format compatible with your Smartp and comment it on ViShared FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, so that we will convert the video for you. Examples of Format are; MP4, MP3, 3gp, FLV, etc.

Q3. Can I advertise my product video in this Channel (website)?
Yes, contact us.

Q4. I cannot download with my Smartp, what should I do?
First check your network connection, if alright then check your browser, if the problem persists, comment your problem in the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE or the comment box.

Q5. The video I want is not in this channel, but in other websites where I cannot download it, what should I do?
Go to the Request-Video FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, request the video through its title.

Q6. Can I advertise in this Channel?
Yes, use the contact place.

Q7. Do you post or have Adult videos in this channel? No, ViShared is a Christian video shared channel.

Q8. Can I share personal video that will be view-available for the people I will recommend and not the public?
Yes, your video can be make ‘private’ and only people that have the post password will be eligible to view and download it (i.e. if you permit download). You can use the contact us.

Q9. I like this website, can I contact the webmaster to build a website or blog for me? You can use the contact us.

Q10. My Smartp is having issue, what can i do, at least to enhance the performances? Visit Helpsmartp.Com for knowledge base support.