Many people claim to have had visions of the afterlife during near-death experiences, some even claim to have visited heaven …see by yourself. Post Views: 642

From Muslim to christian-how Quoran converted me to christian. Post Views: 413

He embraced Jesus, thus changed from Satanist to Christian. That is a wonderful testimony. Post Views: 627

This video is the most inspiring testimonies of heaven, hell, Jesus, angels and Muslims and miracle healing in CBN, those are Bruce Van Nata, Jim Anderson, Colton Burpo, Tamara Laroux, Amy Ghazal, Dean Braxton, Don Piper, Kamal Saleem, and Kelley Curtis. Jesus is the only way to go to heaven! Share many people as you […]

My Life As a Stud! Former Lesbian now Born Again Christian, Jackie Hill ministers in Spoken Word Poetry and gives her powerful Testimony of her former Gay Lifestyle and how God delivered her from Homosexuality and a life of Sin. Post Views: 743

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